Curriculum Vitae

2023 December
‚ANTHROBOT‘ a human robot dance performance form DIPHTHONG Kollektiv, Choreography: St. Felber & N. Konstantakis, Collaboration with KISD / TH Köln, Kunsthafen, Cologne

2023 July
‚CARNAL SCREEN‘ from Stephanie Felber, Schwere Reiter, Munich

2023 May
‚Der Blinde Fleck‘ from DIPHTHONG Kollektiv and Klaus Fehling, directed from S.Pasitschnyk & N. Konstantakis, Orangerie Theater, Cologne

2023 March & April
‚Das kleine Pony‘ from Paco Bezerra, directed from N. Konstantakis in BOX Theater, Cologne

2022 Dezember
‚Tabak Stories – Just Breathe‘ from DIPHTHONG Kollektiv und Katerina Daifoti in the Hellenic Community of Cologne

2022 November until June 2023
‚Reset –  a night without men‘ from Studio Trafique, Köln & Dortmund

2022 July
‚Is there a world beyond image? – ICONSCLASH‘ from St. Felber, Schwere Reiter, Munich

2021 September & November / 2022 May
‚Kaspar from abroad‘ from  DIPHTHONG  collective in Orangerie Theater Cologne and Tanzfaktur Köln.
Director/Actor: Nikos Konstantakis / Co-Director:  Andrea Bleikamp  / Videoart:  Stephanie Felber

2021 June
‚APON – PARON‘  from  St. Felber,  Schwere Reiter, Munich

2021 April
»Solar Responsiveness – Movement Research Investigating Sensorial Processes of Light Exposure« Artistic Research with Outi Elena, Cologne

2021 April until September
‚Ikarus: never enough‘,  audience development project from  DIPHTHONG  collective in Cologne. Director: Nikos Konstantakis and Stephanie Felber. Audience development: Mareike Theile

2020 November
‚Le vide dans l’espace‘ from  St. Felber , Halle 6, Munich

2020 September & November 2022 ( Box Theater Cologne)
‚An der Schwelle‘ from Glen Berger, Kölner Künstler*innen Theater, Cologne

2020 February
‚Scream!ng matter‘ from El Cuco Projekt, Barnes Crossing, Cologne

2020 January
‚Trompe l’oeil‘ from DIPHTHONG collective, Orangerie Theater, Cologne

2019 November & December 2022
‚STIGMA1‘ from DIPHTHONG collective, studiobühneköln, Cologne

2019 October
‚(In)Security‘ from St. Felber , Schwere Reiter, Munich

2019 January
‚SPREADING FEAR‘ from Kyoko Nomura & Yuki Roda (Kyoto), Kyoto Bar, Cologne

2018 October
‚Heim@t‚ from Tanztheatermobil Aachen, Ludwig Forum, Aachen

2018 May
‚Persona‚,  from N. Konstantakis and Teresa Weber, LOFFT, Leipzig

2018 April bis Juni
‚Everybody knows‚ from Rui Horta, Staatstheater Darmstadt

2017 October
‚LUTHER, dancing with the gods‚ directed from Robert Wilson, with Rundfunk Chor Berlin,
Pierre Boulez Saal, Berlin

2017 July
‚vague de corps‚ from St. Felber, PATHOS Atelier, Munich

2017 February
‚Flucht Ohne Ende‚ from SF Ensemble/IP Tanz, Alte Feuerwache, Cologne
(repetition 06/07 April 2017 Barnes Crossing, Cologne)

2017 January
‚La Rondine‘ from G. Puccini, Opera Graz

2016 November
‚Benvenuto Cellini‘ from H.Berlioz, Staatstheater Nürnberg

2016 October
‚Skandalon‘ ‚from DIPHTHONG collective Theater an der Universität Regensburg, 11. Passauer Tanztage, Theater Hoch X Munich, Orangerie Theater Köln (Theaternacht 2018)

2016 September
‚Pink is my favourite number‚ from Tripletrips and Sirkka Muth, studiobühneköln , Cologne

2015 November
‚Überall ist Disko‘ from N. Konstantakis and Teresa Weber in Cammerspiele Theater, Leipzig

​2015 November
E envenuto Cellini‘ from H. Berlioz, Opera Bonn

2015 September
‚MITOS MINOTAUROS‘  from TRIPLETRIPS, studiobühneköln , Cologne

2015 April
‚Continuum‚  from Bianca Mendonca ,​Sprungbrett part of festival TanzNRW2015

2015 March
‚VIEW‚ from St. Felber in Färberei, München

2015 February
‚Speakers Swinging‚ from Gordon Monahan in Pact Zollverein, Essen

2015 January
‚Orkan der Gefühle‘ from Lena Kupke, studiobühneköln, Cologne

2014 December
‚Dotology of my Penis‚ from TRIPLETRIPS, Tanzfaktur, Cologne

2014 September
‚MEAT MARKET from  TRIPLETRIPS – WEST OFF  2014, Katalyst Festival 2014, studiobühneköln, theaterballsall Bonn, FFT Düsseldorf

2014 April
‚Dotology‘ from N. Konstantakis, Mentor: Gisela Mueller, Tanzfabrik Berlin, Tala Center Zagreb, Plattform Dance 2014 TASK, Zagreb

2014 February
‚Agame‚ from N. Konstantakis, Junge Choregraphen 2014, ZZT Cologne

2014 January
‚Athyrma‚  from N. Konstantakis und Ph. Herrlein, studiobühneköln, Cologne

2013 September
‚P opos Palmos‚ from N. Konstantakis, September2 Festival, Vault Theater, Athens

2013 April
The Patmos Project, from Evi Stamatioum, Fleetstreet Theater, Hamburg

2013 March
‚Monos‚ from N. Konstantakis,  ZZT Cologne, Frowntails Gallery (Athens), Katalyst Festival (May 2013 , Cologne)

2013 February
‚More beauty/less beauty‚ from Irena Curik, Residency in Buda Center

‚Replacements for the years of refusal‚ from Irena Curik, Teater ITD (Zagreb), Uferstudios (Berlin),Republic Theater (Salzburg)

2012 February
‚BruchStück‚ from C.Gezer , T. Weber , L. Reboullet , N. Konstantakis, D. Ehlert.  First Steps Tanzfabrik and Festival Universitaire de Danse et Arts du mouvement ‚Auteurs de troubles‘

2011 September
‚The Emperor’s new clothes‚ from Andersen, choreography by N. Konstantakis,  ‘Parastasi’ Drama Group, Athens

2010 September
‚Waltz‚ from  group ‘X-it’, MC Foundation, Athens

2009 January
‚Profitis‚ from D. Sidirokastritis, Theater Bar Soul, Athens

2008- 2009
‚Sitos Sitarakis‚ from D. Adamis, Theater Athinon, Athens

2009 February
‚Toilet Stories‚ from D. Haliotis, Theater Epi Kolono, Athens

2008 January
‚Sofita‚ from Danilo Kis, Theater Bar Soul, Athens

2008 January- February
‚Esoterike Idisis‘ from M. Pontikas, New Greek Theater G.Armenis, Athens

2007 Februazy
‚Powder Keg‘ from Dukovski, Di.Pe.The. Roumelis, Lamia

2006 Oktober – February
‚Tom Sawyer‚ from M.Twain, Di.Pe.The. Roumelis, Lamia

2006 September
‚Wings of Desire‚ from W.Wenders, Aggelon Vima Theater, Athens

2006 June – August
‚Vasilikos‚ Di. Pe.The. Corfu

2006 June – August
‚Eugena Monzelese‚ Di.Pe.The Corfu

‚Lies have long legs‘ from Ed. De Filippo, New Greek Theater G.Armenis, Athens